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We offer the broadest selection of sustainable packaging so you can choose the options that best address your specific sustainability challenges. 


Choose Your Benefit

Every EarthChoice product provides at least one of four benefits to the environment and your business's reputation. Different municipalities require or restrict different types of products – and that’s no problem when you make the EarthChoice. You’ll find what works for your area. 

Learn more about these “Four R’s” 

We reduce the use of petroleum-based materials by incorporating other materials like minerals and plant-based starches into select EarthChoice products.

Minerals added to various EarthChoice products result in roughly 50% less plastic than standard PP containers. Starches are used in other applications, thus reducing plastic usage.

We design products that may be washed and reused by consumers.

For some consumers, one benefit of plastic take-out containers is the ability to reuse them. Whether used to store leftovers or contain a future home-prepared meal on the go, these EarthChoice containers are ready to be washed in the dishwasher (top rack only) and reused.  

We manufacture products that include post-consumer recycled materials and actively engage in initiatives to expand recycling of foodservice packaging.

While some may think that consumers recycle to keep materials out of landfills, the real purpose of recycling is to provide a valuable feedstock and reduce our reliance on virgin resources. Incorporating recycled content into these EarthChoice products does just this.

In addition, although many EarthChoice products are designed with recycling in mind, the truth is that recycling of these products is not yet widely available to consumers. Please visit the EarthChoice[DLM1] website to learn which products may be recycled in your area and how we’re supporting the industry’s efforts to increase recycling of paper and plastic foodservice packaging.  

We utilize renewable resources and actively engage in initiatives to expand composting of foodservice packaging.

A growing number of EarthChoice products are made with renewable materials like PLA (a bioplastic made from corn) and paper from trees and other fiber sources.

Given the materials used in some EarthChoice products, they may be composted, and these items meet the appropriate ASTM 6400 or 6868 compostability standards. Please note that most compostable products are designed for commercial composting facilities – not for home composting.

However, composting of these products is not yet widely available to consumers. Please visit the EarthChoice website to learn which items may be composted in your area and how we’re supporting the industry’s efforts to increase composting of compostable foodservice packaging. 

Choose American Manufacturing

Thanks to our scale and USA-based operations, the EarthChoice distribution network is highly efficient. That means, in addition to sustainable products, you get a reliable supply and a lower environmental footprint from transportation.

  • Over 85% of EarthChoice products are made right here in the USA – not shipped from overseas.We strategically locate our warehouse network near our customers.
  • Our logistics program reduces empty space on trucks during shipping, resulting in 10%–15% more product shipped in the same number of trips.


For EarthChoice products, doing things the right way is a core focus, an embedded corporate value that touches every phase of our operations.

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