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Q4, 2018

Guest Editor, Bob Lilienfeld

Publisher, The ULS (Use Less Stuff) Report


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Here's a quick review of current sustainable food service packaging news, with details in the articles listed below:

  • Bans on foodservice items continues, with paper products joining plastic items. Products with reduced perceptions of environmental impact will continue to gain ground, especially along the lines of reuse, recyclability, compostability. Product lines such as EarthChoice continue to see strong interest and growth potential.
  • Chemicals in packaging are continuing to receive more and more attention  Fluorinated chemicals used for grease barrier applications are currently under scrutiny, including by compostability certification groups.  This will not be the end of the discussion.  Mineral oils, used in certain paper and plastic packaging, are also getting renewed interest from regulatory agencies and multi-national brand owners.  As global agencies begin to re-evaluate existing environmental and safety standards, we anticipate that the focus on chemicals that have been safely used for years in food packaging will grow.
  • There is fresh thinking in a variety of packaging-related areas, and it comes from credible sources. Foodservice companies such as McDonald’s and Starbucks are forming innovation alliances, restaurants are increasing their interest and action regarding sustainability, and awareness grows regarding the fact that key environmental issues will not be solved by simply banning specific items.


The road to eliminating fluorinated chemicals in food packaging (GreenBiz)

The next BPA? Why businesses must get ahead of hormone-disrupting chemicals (GreenBiz)


Recycling "101" ... Refresher! (Keep America Beautiful)


Bioplastics and the Future of Packaging (Food Quality & Safety)


California governor signs bill to reduce plastic straw use, cut waste 'choking our planet' (CNBC)

Seattle bans single use plastic in foodservice businesses (Verdict Foodservice)

Pactiv pushes for tariffs on range of Chinese packaging (Plastics News)


Starbucks To Ditch Plastic Straws -- Will It Actually Help the Environment? (Forbes)

Why banning plastic straws upsets people with disabilities (CNN)

More Americans are turning down restaurants in favor of their own kitchens (Food Dive)

Starbucks and McDonald’s team up to rethink cups (Fast Company)

Rapping on foodservice packaging (National Restaurant Association)

Plastic straws are out of fashion: Here's why takeout containers may be next (CNBC)

Banning Straws and Bags Won’t Solve our Plastic Problem (World Resources Institute)

More restaurants are sustainable, survey says (National Restaurant Association)

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