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Q1, 2019

Guest Editor, Bob Lilienfeld

Publisher, The ULS (Use Less Stuff) Report

Let’s be honest. These days, much of the news about single use foodservice packaging is less than stellar. How ironic that packaging - which has provided the safety, portability, convenience, and economics that collectively facilitates America’s love affair with out-of-home and take-home meals – is now viewed as an environmental villain! (See the news below.)

The good news is that consternation leads to innovation. And, innovating is what the industry is doing to ensure that our customers’ customers continue to be able to enjoy the taste, convenience, and value associated with away-from-home and take-home meals:

  1. Package compostability is becoming more accepted, and, in some areas of the country, expected.

  2. Recyclability of foodservice packaging is growing.

  3. Use of recycled materials in foodservice packaging is also gaining.

  4. Bio-based materials that reduce both dependence on fossil fuel-based plastics and generation of greenhouse gases are becoming more and more mainstream.

So, keep your chin up. Keep listening. But most of all, keep innovating!



>>> Denver Adds Paper Cup Recycling to Curbside Recycling Program (Environmental Leader)

>>> New report shows how commercial firms can handle compostable packaging (Plastics News)



>>> NYC enacts ban on single use foam (Recycling Today)

>>> Opinion: San Diego Ignores Alternatives in Rush to Ban Styrofoam (Times of San Diego)

>>> The last straw (CBS News)



>>> Real sustainability can improve plastics’ image without sacrificing profitability (Plastics News)

>>> Whole Foods Removes Takeout Packaging Over Chemical Concerns (Environmental Leader)

>>> FPA says ‘biodegradable’ packaging is a misleading term (Packaging News)



If you would like to learn more about the FTC "Green Guides" as well as "Shopping Green", click below:




MYTHS VS. FACT - The truth about foodservice packaging

In an effort to help combat some of the many 'Myths" regarding foodservice packaging that is so prevalent in the media today, FPI (Foodservice Packaging Institute) has created a "Myths Vs. Facts" Guide.  Learn more! click below:

>>> Myths Vs. Facts - The truth about foodservice packaging

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